Introducing the New 2014 Product Line
Our NEW products are designed to support your baby`s development in bottles, pacifiers, breastfeeding, cups and more!
Nurture Your Baby Best with the Brands You Trust Most
We support your baby from infancy to toddlerhood with everything you need - from NUK® orthodontic bottles and pacifiers to high-quality Gerber® Graduates® tableware and cups. Our products are designed to give babies the best start in life.
NUK & Gerber
Love NUK® Orthodontic Pacifiers?
Try NUK® Orthodontic Bottles.
You can get the same orthodontic benefits in a NUK®
bottle as you do in a NUK® pacifier! And promoting your
baby's healthy oral development with bottles & pacifiers.
Available nationally at Walmart®, Target® & Babies "R" Us®
Naturally Designed To Be
Just Like Mom
NUK® orthodontic pacifiers and nipples are designed by medical professionals to be just like mom. With a natural shape that mimics a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding, they encourage healthy oral development. Perhaps that’s why NUK® is the #1 best-selling pacifier and orthodontic bottle brand in the United States!




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